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SPECTRUM for Universal Audio PolyMAX VST Synthesizer

SPECTRUM for Universal Audio PolyMAX VST Synthesizer

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54 KILLER PRESETS for UA's PolyMAX Synthesizer!

UA's focus and marketing objective for PolyMAX is having "close to album-ready sounds, no matter how deep you explore". SPECTRUM continues this philosophy with synth presets specifically designed to let you quickly scroll from sound to sound while staying in the creative zone. No fussing with the volume knob. No distracting effects that are too loud - everything is engineered to be tastefully subtle so that you instantly know the potential of a preset. Get inspired and get to the finish line faster with these carefully curated sounds.

37MB Instant download:
15 Basses (Fat, round and plucky)

11 Keys (Superb foundations)

4 ARPs (Bouncy and spry)

3 FX (Weirdos)

9 Leads (Soaring to gritty)

12 Pads (Beautiful, evolving and ethereal)

The demo only uses sounds from the SPECTRUM preset pack, except for the drums which are custom designed and obviously not included. EQ was added to a few of the sounds during mixing and the track was mastered by Gold-certified, Multi-Billboard-charting mastering engineer, Dave Fore.

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