About Us (actually it's just me!)

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dave Fore and I have been an audio engineer for 30 years with 7 Billboard-charting projects and 1 RIAA Gold-Certified Record (soon to be Platinum). I have credits on more than 500,000,000 streams and have worked with hundreds of artists and producers just like you. I also happen to be a synthesizer enthusiast and gear junkie, having bought my first synth (Roland Alpha Juno) in the 80's before I was old enough to drive. I love synths and effects pedals!
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While I am musically trained, having played saxophone, piano, drums and performed as a vocalist, my strength is in the technical side of music. After attending Musician's Institute for 6 months in their Keyboard Institute of Technology, I realized my destiny was not in being a performer, but being the guy behind the scenes making the performer sound the absolute best they can. So I jumped to the LA Recording School and it was then my career began to take off.

I created Killer Presets not just as a way to share my passion for sound design but to do so in a way that utilized the audio engineering techniques I've used and relied on for numerous client projects. My goal is to create sounds that are both creatively inspiring and producer-friendly so that they fit very well into a mix without much EQ, compression or leveling. This allows you to focus solely on the music without getting distracted when you're in a state of flow. When you're auditioning sounds, I want you to immediately hear the potential of preset so that you can work faster in getting your art to the finish line. The Killer Presets slogan is

Better Engineered Sounds for Producers.

Making Killer Presets is what I do when I am not engineering audio for my clients. I price my presets fairly so they are available to a wide range of musicians, from beginners to seasoned pros. My hope is that they will inspire you to make amazing records to share with the world.I appreciate every one of you who supports my mission and purchases my products. It's not taken for granted and I am grateful for the opportunity.If you'd to learn more about me, please visit my website -Dave