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Deviation+ Preset Pack for Vital VST Synthesizer

Deviation+ Preset Pack for Vital VST Synthesizer

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68 KILLER PRESETS for Vital Synthesizer!
>Now includes 196 custom wavetables for free!<

Explore a magnificent soundscape with rich textures, deep tonal variations and powerful wavetable synthesis to inspire your creativity to new levels. Deviation expands your horizons of sound exploration to bring you a collection of synth presets designed to excite both you and your listeners with an emotional connection with your music.

68 custom designed presets enable you to quickly find an inspiring sound in Vital. With easy-to-use, dedicated macros, you can intuitively enhance and influence the character of the presets, quickly giving you alternate tonal options simply by twisting the dedicated knobs in real-time.

Deviation+ includes the 3 pack of custom wavetables sold separately on the Killer Presets site. 196 new wavetables at your fingertips.

A wide variety of pads, basses, keys and experimental textures beg to be played and performed in your next masterpiece. Let Deviation lead the way!

130MB Instant download

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