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DARK ENERGY for GForce Minimonsta2 Synthesizer Plugin

DARK ENERGY for GForce Minimonsta2 Synthesizer Plugin

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47 KILLER PRESETS for Minimonsta2 Synthesizer plugin!

True to the original Minimoog Model D®, the heart of GForce’s Minimonsta2 provides the full original feature set with precise waveforms, a beautifully accurate resonant filter, snappy ADS envelope generators and the wonderful Mini loop-feedback function offering a huge tonal palette that ranges from fat to fierce, and searing to sizzling. These Dark Energy presets are designed to exploit the strengths of this synthesizser and help spark creative ideas quickly. The goal is to help you get to the finish line faster and easier.

Instant download:
19 Basses (Fat, round and plucky)

5 Keys (Superb foundations)

3 FX (Weirdos)

5 Leads (Soaring to gritty)

15 Pads (Beautiful, evolving and ethereal)

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