Better Engineered Sounds?

It's not marketing hype or some catch-phrase designed to entice producers and influence their perception of Killer Presets. "Better Engineered Sounds for Producers" means that years of engineering records, hitting Billboard charts and earning RIAA Gold Certification drives the sounds that I create for Killer Presets. I've been interested in synthesizers since the 80's when analog synthesis gave way to digital with the Yamaha DX7. Minimoogs were deemed almost useless and could be found for $500, or in trash cans if you believe urban legend. The Roland TR-808 had the same fate when Linn released the LM-1 which used digital drum samples and the more affordable LinnDrum which created fear that these drum machines would put every session drummer in Los Angeles out of work. The EMU Emulator II was the commercial sampling keyboard that had career musicians predicting it would replace everyone from guitar players to full orchestras. Obviously this didn't happen but the progression of technology in the music industry has put the power of these legendary machines in the hands of anyone who wants to get their feet wet. From old modular analog synths to instruments that only exist in the plugin world, the range of sounds available to users in incredible.

My goal in making presets is to create sounds that are unique and original, easy to fit into your productions and quickly realize their full potential, and for the technology to stay out of the way so you can focus on doing what you do best... create! The biggest vibe killer for producers is distraction. When you're "in the zone", speed and ease matter. When you audition sounds from Killer Presets, levels have been carefully matched from preset to preset, EQ has been applied when available to either correct or enhance, effects have been tastefully and strategically added and macros have been designed to be intuitive so you can expect what will happen when you turn those knobs. This saves you time and lets you work quickly helping you to get to the finish line faster. While it's impossible to predict how a sound might be used in a record, I make sure it's as user-friendly as possible to keep you in your creative flow.

I'd love to hear how you use my presets in your own productions and welcome feedback for future releases. Feel free to hit the contact form and let your voice be heard!